How Did Psychology Help Me?


● Ritten by Liu Xuan
● Genre:Self-development
● Published in March 2019
● 280 Pages 

 A new year has begun. We often set New Year’s goals for us to be different and make changes in the upcoming year. However, there are many hurdles which make these intentions difficult to implement. To better understand why we sometimes feel lazy and how we can overcome it, I grabbed the book. How did psychology help me? This book introduces four types of procrastination personalities; one who puts off work until the end and then makes a last-minute spurt; one who puts off work because they are afraid of criticism about their work; one who puts off because of difficulties of choice; and one who likes impulsive and thrilling work. Which type are you? If you know your type, then it can be easy to manage. A metaphor often used in psychology to understand procrastination is that each person has a monkey in their head. In order to grow up and develop, we need to learn how to get along with our monkey. The method is simple. To achieve a goal, set rules and deadlines, then provide rewards when achieved. For example, set a goal to write a report. Then set the rule like ‘collect the data for 30 minutes’. If the goal is achieved, then you should provide rewards such as going out to meet friends. The main point is action. It is important to continuously move a little bit closer toward the goal.

In addition, the book has lots of other information such as: how to persuade others and how to date. If you are curious about the psychological reasons for your actions, I recommend reading this book. Psychology can be a big help for you to solve life’s problems.