Start of Capability, Atomic Habits

●Written by James Clear

●Genre: Self-help book

●Published in October 2019
●360 pages

It is time to start the second half of 2019. It's been a long time since many people made plans for the new year, but it is always time to find out why it is hard to change our bad habits and, how we can make good habits in the autumn season. To do this, I recommend the book Atomic Habits.
The book recommends some important steps to accomplish change. First, a real change of behavior lies in a change of identity. This is the reason why we so find it hard to transform our bad habits to good habits. We don't think of changing identity when we're trying to improve something, we just set a goal and think about what we have to do to achieve it. We don't think about the belief that makes us move. We don't realize that nothing changes without changing the way you look at yourself. There is a belief system at the base of every action. 
Secondly, in order to continue your new habit, you must establish an identity-oriented habit. It starts by focusing on who you want to be.
To make an important point, let us look at good habits and bad habits in terms of 'attraction.' Habits become attractive when associated with positive feelings, and unattractive when associated with negative feelings. Create a motivational ritual that allows you to do what you like just before you put a hard habit into action.
To sum up, a change in habit begins with a change in identity, not a change in surface behavior. Who do you want to be? What life- model do you want? We should ask these things to ourselves. Let us think about our habits, make an identity, and keep it.