With gratitude, Bruce Almighty


In a busy and hectic life, do you live with gratitude? In the movie Bruce Almighty, Bruce complains that he is unhappy with life and gets annoyed by everything. After his negative ramblings, the God comes to him and gives Bruce the power of God. I would like to introduce you to a film that gives us a sense of whether there is a Bruce who probably complains all the time, and gives us a sense of what we would do if we had the power of God.
Bruce is a news reporter in Buffalo, New York. He often entertains people with funny and simple conversations, but he is always dissatisfied with the little news stories he is given. His dream is to deliver the scene of a dramatic incident, not just small news. He constantly complains to God about his circumstances.
In a series of events that happened one day, Bruce is given the power of God. Bruce learns that he has become an omnipotent man who has everything at his disposal. Will Bruce be able to find what is most precious to him?
Compare Bruce's behavior with your own. Think about it! If you face some specific case, what would you do?
This movie is full of suggestions. Since we can never be omnipotent, we often dream of a life of being an almighty God. But to us living in a state of limits, omnipotent life sends us a message about how we can't live - how we should live our lives now. Don’t we miss thankfulness in our daily lives? I hope you will recover your gratitude, not get lost in busy daily life.