At the beginning of every university semester, many students have difficulties registering for classes because most Korean Universities use a registering system that has a first-come first-served basis. Therefore, students who gained spots in popular classes try to sell their spots to students who failed to register. Some sellers do this intentionally to make money. This happens every semester and many people bring up some problems in these cases.
 At the enrollment period, students are active in KMU’s social communities trying to buy and sell spots in classes. Students who want to sell their spots usually charge from 10,000 to 50,000 won, but it is unfair to spend more money to get spots in classes in addition to paying tuition. One problem with this situation is that some sellers take the money but do not drop the classes so the buyers can add them. Furthermore, sometimes a student will miss out on enrolling in a purchased class that the seller dropped. This happens when a random person gets the vacated spot before the buyer can. Then the student loses money and the class spot. Some universities prohibit these kind of deals and penalize the sellers. However, there is no specific surveillance to identify this kind of behavior in universities.
 These problems are the result of the current registration system. Regardless of majors or years, the system is first-come first-served. Therefore, some attendees are unable to enroll in classes required for their majors. Because of this, people wonder why universities cannot open more classes or increase the number of spots for some classes. Here are the reasons that universities claim. First, because of a decrease in population and university entrance rate in Korea, universities have reduced the number of classes, especially those of unpopular majors or subjects. Second, due to the revision of Korean law related to higher education, known as ‘the lecturer act’, which will be enforced from August 2019, universities have reduced the number of part-time lecturers.
 Students complain that they cannot take classes that they want to attend or need for graduation. Professors complain that sometimes there are too many students in one class and there need to be more lecturers in universities. Also, there is no specific way to prevent some unreasonable cases in selling or buying spots in classes. Universities need to find a way to make classes available to students who want and need to take them, or a positive way to trade classes.