• Director : Cho hyeon tak
  • Main actors : Choi won young, Yum junga, Lee tae ran and Jung jun ho
  • Screening date : November 23, 2018

Interest in education is particularly high in Korea. However, in order to normalize public education and increase the importance of the academic records in schools, the length of the CSAT has been drastically reduced by 20 percent. This reduction caused a boom in academies and consultants which help students prepare for school grades and write a letter of self-introduction. It is a balloon effect after all. The JTBC drama Sky Castle has been a hit since the end of last year, and the topic of education has been heating up as a consequence. The drama SKY Castle went off the air in February after having recorded the highest viewer rate. 
The SKY Castle is a four-floor stone house in a forest near Seoul, where doctors from university hospitals and law school professors, including judges and prosecutors, live. This house was built by the founder of Junam university, the most prestigious private university in Korea. In the SKY Castle, the top 0.1 percent of Korea's population live, and where the wives from prestigious families desire to raise their husband, son and daughter to be the best in Korea. There are 4 main families in SKY Castle which are all so different. There are many conflicts between the families and episodes about how to gain entrance to prestigious universities which are based on true stories. One of the surprising true facts in the show is that there are entrance exam coordinators who form the centerpiece of the show, and they provide brief counseling on a child's grades or progress, and they manage and monitor the entire student's life as shown in the drama. It is these people who help their kids go to a prestigious university. 
By watching this drama, viewers can learn that in Korea the university rank is a very crucial factor in getting a respectable job so students and parents eager to attend a famous college. The writer of the drama, Yoo Hyeon-mi wrote this drama because the experience of the college entrance examination for her daughter was in reality quite sad. I think this drama shows the reality of Korea properly and not being so sad, so I hope the readers enjoy the drama SKY Castle.