Location: Korean Folk Village
Dates: December 8,2018-March 24,2019

Today's Children often spend time in their rooms using cell phones or playing computer games. These children will not know about the games of the ‘80s and ‘90s and probably have never experienced them. As a result, the 7th annual festival called "The Korean Folk Village, the game of the Memories," aims to introduce a festival to bring unforgettable memories and fun during the cold winter by introducing these ‘old’ games. To recall people of their unique daily routines and costumes, the festival began with the theme of 'Recovery Play.' The Korean Folk Villages hosted the festival and as the popularity of the festival grew, the number of festivals gradually declined, making them ubiquitous. The Korean Folk Villages have changed their aim from having visitors "experience" to having them "participate." There are radio DJ booths, neighborhood alleys, black-and-white photo booths, and old stationery at from the amusement parks. Also, there is a "Radio With a Story" concert every weekend, recalling the memories by the radio. These festivals are full of fun, such as parodying the popular advertisements that dominated the radio, as well as dance performances that were popular during that the time. Every year, the festival presents street foods such as briquette flares, cotton candy, and chicken balls. In the festival, which runs from December 8, 2018 to March 24, 2019, during the festival, a promotion will be held to offer up to 48 percent discount on free-use tickets if you visit in school uniforms. It is an opportunity to relive former school days, enjoy the memories, and visit folk villages at a lower price.