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Travel Writer

These days, many people travel around the world. Some of them write about their experiences while traveling. These books sometimes give other people hope or confidence to travel. Because of that, travel writers are getting
attention. They usually write journal or articles in various field related to traveling like short local trips, destination trips and side trips. To introduce this job, the writer Jang Yeong-eun participated in an interview.


Introduction of the writer, Jang Yeong-eun
Hello, my name is Jang Yeong-eun. I am the author of the book When you need a comma in your life. The contents of the book are emotional essays that have various stories from traveling around the world.


What they do
Travel writers do various things besides writing. We put in an article on travel in various magazines, model for the travel industry, and give lectures on career and humanities in libraries, schools, and other places.


Aptitude & Interest
A travel writer needs to have an emotional experience that makes us feel different from others, and the ability to describe that experience and what’s going on in the travel area. You should be able to look at some experiences
more deeply than others at a destination. Human memory has limitations, so we need to keep an accurate record of those feelings.


The content industry is important these days. Travel YouTube, creators, and writers are emerging as careers, and the boundaries are vague. It’s a time when filming and writing can become a good career. Also, since there are not many full-time Korean travel writers, I think it is an area that we can try. As more people think that they should enjoy their leisure time, the demand for travel writers will grow.