Non-married People


In Korea, there is a word ‘3po sede’. The neologism means the generation that gives up dating, marriage, and children. As the word expresses, Korean youth do not have a good view of marriage. In addition, they don’t think that marriage is necessary. According to the National Statistical Office, the marriage rate decreased to 5.2 marriage per 1000 people. These days, for many reasons, Korean youth has a tendency to stay single. 




Recently, non-married people are increasing noticeably. In fact, statistics show that annual marriage trends are decreasing year after year, and one out of five men and women in their 20s were found to have no future marriage plans. Non-married people think that marriage is a choice, not a necessity. Of course, marriage was a necessity in the past, but in modern society where individual life is important, marriage should be something to choose. There are several reasons why marriage should be an option.

First, we should respect the choice of marriage because marriage is not a duty. The older generation still believes that marriage is a duty. They say that the young should marry and have babies for contributing to the nation. But as society is changing, the concept of marriage is also changing. Since people in this generation think of themselves as independent entities, they want to decide about marriage themselves. It is not right to force people to marry in today's society when their happiness is sacrificed for that of the nation.

Second, married people have large economic and childcare burdens. The main reason for avoiding marriage is economic difficulties. For example, there are child support, housing costs, wedding expenses, and so on. It is hard to live alone, but the economic burden after marriage is huge. Additionally, the government does not provide enough support. This economic problem is the biggest reason to avoid marriage and it is a problem to be solved.

Finally, they can concentrate on their life, so their life satisfaction increases. When we get married, there are many things we have to give up. We can see people losing happiness as they give up things they love. Because of this, more people think that personal life is first, not marriage or a child. By not marrying, they are able to have leisure, self-development, and hang out with friends. Being focused on your life without marrying will make you feel happier.

In conclusion, I hope to change the society that pushes marriage on those who don’t want to get married. That force may be an act that violates one's rights. Also, you should not think of non-married people as odd or unusual people; you need to respect them with a more open mind. As a result, people should recognize that marriage is an option. This change in awareness will create a better society.


●Opinion from a reader

(Jee Seong-kyeong, College of Medicine)

I think getting married or not depends on individual choice. Nowadays society is not the Joseon Dynasty period. Since both men and women can achieve financial independence as economic agents, there is no reason to marry. Also some people think that living alone leads to greater happiness than marriage. Therefore, there is no reason why marriage should be a duty. I think that no one should be criticized because they do not get married.  




I disagree with this trend that Korean youth has a tendency to stay single for the three reasons. 
First, Korea is an extremely aging society. To solve this matter, we have to encourage marriage and childbirth. If people continue to avoid marriage, the aging population will accelerate. With fewer young people working, GDP and revenue will go down and the tax burden for the youth such as national pension and health insurance fee will increase. Currently, it is assumed that about 10 workers share the expenses for the welfare one elderly person. In the future, that number will change to three people for each elderly person. That is a large tax burden increase, so it is better to marry and have children to prevent that disaster.
Second, some people say the reason they are against marriage is the financial burden due to getting married and raising children. To have a wedding, they need money to rent a wedding hall, pay for food for guests, and so on. Moreover, they also need a house to live in and furniture. If you want a fancy wedding, it will be a big burden to you. However, if you plan a wedding within your budget, it will be not. Besides, there are many programs to help people pay for the costs of marriage, childbirth and childcare. With the government support, the financial burden will go down. 
Third, some people say marriage is an obstacle to their lives, but I think marriage is not an obstacle to your life. Marriage can be a positive turning point in your life. Some people say that marriage constrains their activities, which can be true to some degree. You may lose some things, but you gain things, too. When you share a life with someone, you can get help when you are tired or have an emergency. You can feel new emotions and have new experiences because you are not alone. Life has many obstacles, but marriage and children don’t have to be. 
Though you may think life will be hard living with and taking care of another person, I think you don’t have to reject marriage just because living alone is comfortable. To live a lifetime with a companion is better than living alone. Don’t hesitate to embrace all that marriage has to offer.


●Opinion from a reader 
(Kim Jae-Han, College of Chinese Studies)
 I object to people not getting married. If you don’t marry, you may have to live alone. Whether you live in an apartment or townhouse, there is a high probability that you will live alone. In that situation, if you have a problem or an emergency, who can help you? You may be in danger one day. I think meeting someone I love and getting married is a meaningful and invaluable experience for me.