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Location Manager


Do you know Jumunjin Breakwater? This place became famous as a filming location in last year's drama Dokkaebi. Because of this, an ordinary breakwater became a landmark overnight. So, who looks for these interesting landmarks?


Location managers do. A location manager is a person who visits filming locations and rents buildings or places for production of broadcast dramas or movies. Location managers first review manuscripts to comprehend the story and then discuss the ideas of the producers and directors before considering filming spots. Next, they research subjects and events to guide them in selecting potential film locations. Then, they visit potential locations to check whether they are suitable for filming and then report their findings to the producers and directors. When a location has been chosen, they get filming permits from the local authority or permission from the land owner in writing or verbally. Finally, they prepare a contract to use the filming location.


There is no dedicated training facilities or academic departments for location mangers. At best, there are some related departments that teach photography and visual design. Required personal traits are that you can visualize the best shooting angles for a scene after taking a lot of still pictures. After reading a scenario, you should be able to understand the intentions of the scene and the importance of the location.
The most important thing is great communication skills. This job requires negotiating with people of all walks of life to solve issues during tough times without causing unnecessary conflict. 


The popularity of Korean movies and TV programs continues to grow, so the industry continues to grow. Therefore, more location managers will be needed to find the perfect places to tell stories. A location manager has to have a lot of experience about filming locations, so it is advisable to begin your career as an assistant location manager where you can learn before joining a professional location firm.