Virtual (Crypto) Currency Trader & Analyst

Have you ever heard 'Gazua!'? It is a neologism that Bitcoin investors in South Korea coined. It means: let's invest all hoping the price goes up. As many people have bought virtual currency, the value of one Bitcoin has increased to $2000 in Korea. As a result, many people and companies began to take virtual currency seriously, which has created the need for new professions.

▶ Role
A virtual currency trader intermediates trades between individual clients or huge companies and the virtual currency market. The trades can be already distributed currency or newly distributed on market. A virtual currency analyst collects data about virtual currency and analyzes them to know how they will fluctuate. They sell those data to customers or make invest plans. Investing in virtual currency is very difficult because the values change every second and many variables affect the value. Because of that, virtual currency traders and analysts have become very important jobs.

▶ Qualifications
Both virtual currency traders and analysts deal with virtual currency. Basically, they need knowledge of markets and business such as accounting, economics, and statistics to collect and analyze financial information. Moreover, they need a complete understanding of the block-chain system. Because virtual currencies’ prices are partly determined by the inventors’ rules, they need background knowledge about the different currencies.

▶ Prospect
Due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the time that we will use virtual currency in daily life is just around the corner. As virtual currency trades become more vital, virtual currency traders and analysts will be in high demand. Currently, the number of jobs is still absurdly small compared with the growth of virtual currency market, so many more positions will be created. NASDAQ, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, mentioned that they will apply the block-chain system to trades for unlisted companies, for example, which will create the need for these jobs. American Internet shopping mall 'Overstock' also said that they will issue $125million company stocks by crypto currency. Besides these, many financial corporations and companies will hire these professionals. All told, the employment prospects are promising.