There have been problems caused by some thoughtless parents. A new policy, No Kids Zone, prevents parents with young children from entering some cafes and restaurants. Some people agree with it, and some people don't.


Recently, you can see ‘No Kids Zone’ signs in some cafés and restaurants. No Kids Zone is a new policy by some businesses that prohibit children and infants from cafés and restaurants. It is spreading because of inconvenience caused by children or the thoughtless attitudes of some parents. Also, there are many stories about implementing No Kids Zone to prevent accidents caused by children. I agree with the No Kids Zone policy.
First, it is a business owners right to choose who to serve and not serve. No Kids Zone is not discrimination. Some customers want to eat or drinkin a quiet environment. These people could enjoy quiet environments without disturbances from children and irrational parents in places that have a No Kids Zone policy. The policy is business owners’ intention to prevent noise problems that disturb customers not discriminate. In this manner, No Kids Zone is an owner's choice. There is a consensus that this should be respected, so business owners can have a No Kids Zone policy.
Second, it is necessary to prevent accidents for the safety of children. There is an opinion No Kids Zonesare good for children. It is a fact that there are many dangerous places for children. For example, children are exposed to hazards like very hot foods and glass dishes. Some parents tend to avoid dangerous places for the safety of their children and consideration of others.
Third, it is necessary because irrational parents ignore their noisy children. Noisy children disturb other consumers. These parents and their kids cause other consumers trouble because they are forced to worry about those kids. There are some irrational parents that used a reusable cup in a food court for their kids to pee in. Other parents changed their baby's diaper on the table and left it there. Some owners have decided to prevent other consumers from suffering inconvenience because of these kinds of parents.
Because of owners’ rights, irrational parents, and accidents caused by children, I think No Kids Zonesare needed. We can be more comfortable in cafes and restaurants that do this. No Kids Zone offers calm environment for customers and reduces problems caused by children.

●Opinion from a reader
(Kim Chae-rim, Department of Social Welfare)

I agree with No Kids Zone. If children are noisy in a public place, they might harm other people. Damaged customers may use bad language while scolding. This situation is not good for children. Therefore, I think children should have places specifically for them. Also, No Kids Zone has a good effect on moms because they can have a comfortable break away from their kids. Then, moms can better concentrate on their kids.

Today, the issue of No Kids Zone in some restaurants and cafes is ongoing. Recently, a family with two children went to a restaurant in Suwon. They were denied entrance, so they complained to the owner. The owner still denied them entrance, so they sued the owner. No Kids Zone is a policy that denies access to some businesses if the customer is accompanied by infants or young children. I oppose the No Kids Zone.
First, No Kids Zone inculcates negative awareness about kids. Korea is now a low birthrate country. If children are restricted from accessing public places, it will worsen the perception of people about kids. It will then affect the fertility rate and worsen the problem of the low birth rate in Korea. The No Kids Zone policy may generate a culture that excludes kids. To avoid such a situation, children should be treated equally.
Second, children are not the only ones who cause harm in public places. Adults also do dangerous things and cause harm. For example, smoking cigarettes anywhere and drinking in public are dangerous to others. It is unfair that children are regulated when these adults are not. In order for children to behave in public, adults need to behave properly first because children learn behavior from adults. We should find a less extreme choice than No Kids Zone, and instead use a rational way to regulate the behavior of children.
Finally, all children and adults with children should not be discriminated against due to the problems caused by some people. Not all children make noise and not all parents are thoughtless. Therefore, the majority should not be hurt by the faults of the minority. This policy is an obvious generalization error. Besides, this policy infringes on children’s rights. If all children are discriminated against by some people, children's rights will disappear. No Kids Zone should not be allowed in order to protect children’s human rights.
To sum up, No Kids Zone inculcates negative awareness about kids, violates children's human rights and creates inequality. Making the No Kids Zone will cause more discrimination. We should prevent this bad situation. Still, there is no bill for the No Kids Zone, so we need to bring enough attention to the No Kids Zone for all kids and parents.

●Opinion from a reader
(Kim Na-yeong, Public Health)

I oppose the No Kids Zone. No Kids Zone prohibits entry to parents accompanied by children. This is a contradiction to the birth encouragement policy. Because mothers are going to have no place to take their children, it is a shortcut to decrease childbirth. No Kids Zone infringes on the fundamental human rights of the Constitution and involves discrimination.

By Park You-rim
KMG Reporter