Special Report

● Written by Lee Ki-Joo
● Genre:Self-development book
● Published in August 2016
● 308 pages

When I saw the book title ‘The temperature of a language’, I wondered how could this could be possible, so obviously, this title attracted my attention. This book is divided into three chapters, and it is in essay form based on what the writer saw in his daily life. Therefore, you can read the book quickly without difficulty because you can easily relate with contents as they are things which you have also experienced.
Although every sentence in this book made me feel warm, I have a phrase which I found most impressive: “Language and letters not only remain in our head, but also in our mind.” When I read this phrase, I thought back on the past. ‘Did my words hurt somebody?’ I promised to think and talk more carefully when talking to others. Also, I thought that if I can, I want to be like the writer who gives so much courage to people. Also, I hope my words will be a turning point and bring a lot of happiness for someone.
Lastly, I would like to give this book to people around me and share the warmth of the book together. When people read this book, I hope they have time to think about the value of language, and consider the temperature of their language.