Study Abroad Adventures in Japan

● Jang Cha-Eun, Major in Japanese Language and Literature

Keimyung University has many study abroad programs. If you are interested in or have been considering study abroad programs, this article may help you. Here is an interview with a student who recently returned from studying abroad in Japan.

Q1. Please introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Jang Cha-Eun. I’m a junior majoring in Japanese Language and literature. I went to Japan through a study abroad program during spring semester. It is different from the student exchange program. The former is for a semester, but the latter can be for a year.

Q2. Would you introduce the program that you participated in?
It’s a one semester program studying in Baikogakuin University in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi. This university has an agreement with KMU, so KMU students can earn and credits while studying there. Professors elect candidates who submit applications, transcripts, and copies of passports and ID cards. If you have certificates such as JPT and JLPT, it will be helpful.

Q3. Why did you decide to study abroad?
I was not interested in Japanese so I thought to change my major. Fortunately, I got interested in Japanese while I was studying it. I hoped to learn more, so I applied for the study abroad program. The expense of studying in Japan is relatively cheaper than it is in English-speaking countries. I want to get a job in a Korean travel agency and be a tour guide for Koreans in Japan, so I need to study Japanese more.

Q4. Did you have any problems living or studying in Japan?
The area where I lived was rural, so there was no desk in my apartment, and the library was a 40 minute walk from my home. I was so eager to study hard, but it was hard to study there. The KMU Study Abroad Guide says that doing a part-time job is possible to make living expenses with a student visa, but it is not impossible. It is illegal.

Q5. What did you study in Japan?
I thought I was mostly going to study grammar and conversation, but I actually learned writing, honorifics, literature and culture, too. Moreover, I learned manners between people peculiar to Japan

Q6. What was the most special experience during the program?
I wanted to give up and go back to Korea halfway through. At that time, my buddy gave me a small lipstick and a photo book. It helped me make my way during my life studying abroad. A buddy is a native student who supports one international student. These buddies will come to Keimyung to study the following semester

Q7. Do you have any advice to give us?
There are many programs supporting students. More than you think. Find something to do and try hard.