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Credit Card Designer


Have you ever seen a unique design on a credit card and wondered who made it? These days, having a personalized credit, debit or check card is very popular. People can even choose their own pictures to put on a card. This shows that design is important to people. The people who make unique and arresting designs on these small cards are credit card designers.

● Role

Most people don’t know exactly where or how designs for cards are made. They are made by credit card designers who work for financial institutions. When they prepare to develop a new product, they first discuss the product concepts with the project manager. Then the card designer will combine various images and colors on a computer to create a unique design that embodies the core concepts of the product. In addition to designing cards, they also design product plans and promotional materials for the company.

● Qualifications

To be a credit card designer, it is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree in visual or communication design. It is also essential to have a lot of creativity, good communication skills and attention to detail. Besides individuals, many companies want unique designs, so designers need to have a lot of creative ideas. They have to work with clients to understand what they want, so communication and attention to detail are key. Finally, you should also prepare a portfolio of work you have done so you can show your experience and creativity.

● Prospects

As the credit card and check card have become the primary means of payment, card designs receive more attention from designers. Recently, people have begun using mobile credit card applications on their phones, so plastic cards may disappear someday. Despite this change, great card designs will continue to be necessary and wanted. So careers in this field will constantly thrive.