Special Report

● Written by N.H. Klein Baum
● Genre:educational novel
● Published in March 2004
● 343 pages

‘Dead Poets Society’ is a touching work about a language teacher, Mr. Kiting, and his students. It is an educational novel written by N.H. Klein Baum and was published as the second version of the movie that had received a good grade. It shows a purity, enthusiasm, and romance of students and there are many impressive messages spoken by the teacher, John Kiting.

The most important content of this book is the very title: ‘Dead Poets Society’. What do you think when you see the word ‘Dead Poets Society’? I hope you think about the meaning of the title once before you read the book as it will be helpful to understand while reading the book. One of the many great lines of Mr. Kiting, the teacher, is “Carpe Diem”. It is a Latin phrase that means “Seize the day”?namely enjoy the present. I think that is a really great passage. If you don’t enjoy the present, your life will not be happy. I wish to meet a teacher like John Kiting in my life.

Although there are people who saw ‘Dead Poets Society’ as a movie, the book has many scenes that the movie doesn’t. If you read this work as a book, you will be able to feel a different charm of ‘Dead Poets Society’. And after you read this book, you may be looked back about the way you live. Please be sure to read this book when you confront a hard time in your life.