Special Report

●Written by Ichiro Kishmi,Fumitake Koga
●Genre:Self-development book
●Published in November 2014
●336 pages

“The Courage to Be Disliked” is a famous book that occupied best seller for a very long time. The book ‘The courage to Be Disliked’ was written by Japanese philosopher Ichiro Kishmi, and writer Fumitake Koga. The story involves a boy who is curious about a philosopher who insists the world is very simple and that all people can be happy right now. So, the boy finds the philosopher and the story begins with the boy’s question. This book is a conversational book that is based on Alfred Adler’s psychoanalytical theory. Since this book is conversational form so many people can read it easily and quickly. This book especially emphasizes human relationships and the importance of existence.

Let me introduce some meaningful and impressive sentences from the novel. “It is valuable just to exist here.”“If you want to be happy, you must have the courage to be disliked.” Many people are concerned about being disliked or discouraged by others, but these sentence can make readers feel that sometimes we need the courage to be disliked. When readers read these sentences for the first time, it might be difficult to understand. But when someone is going through hard times, each sentence in this book can help you overcome that hardship. This book brings out readers’ sympathy by looking at a lot of problems from a new perspective which can arise in human relationships. I recommend this book to people who be tired with relationships and I hope they realize how precious they are.