The usage pattern of convenience stores by college students


The number of convenience stores is growing with the effects of aging and the rising number of single-person households. During March, 50 college students participated in this survey to examine the usage pattern of convenience store.
The questionnaire includes the reasons for using convenience stores, the frequency of use, and the purpose of using the convenience store.

1. What is your most frequently used convenience store?
1) CU (50%) 2) GS25 (36%) 3) Seven eleven (10%) 4) Other (4%) 5) Ministop (0%)
1-1. What is the reason to use it most frequently?
1) Close location (58%) 2) No reason (16%) 3) Good product (12%) 4) Brand preference (10%) 5) Other (4%)
2. How often do you use the convenience store?
1) Once or twice a week or more (40.8%) 2) Once a month or more (32.7%) 3) Three to four times a week or more (22.4%) 4) Five times a week or more (4.1%)
3. What is the purpose of using the convenience store?
1) Product Purchase (96%) 2) Parcel delivery service (2%) 3) Others (2%) 4) Rest area (0%) 5) The use of ATM (0%)

The results of the survey showed that 50% of college students used the convenience store CU. Regarding the reasons for the convenient store use, 58% of the students responded it is due to the closest location. Furthermore, 40.8% of the students used it once or twice a week, or more. 96% of the students used them to purchase products.
The final results showed that the use of convenience store by college students is high.