The 20th Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival

Location : Ganggu Port surroundings
Dates : March 23 (Tur.) - March 26 (Sun.), 2017

Yeongdeok hosts an annual Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival every March that celebrates local snow crabs, that are famous for having been served to the kings. In the past, the most popular snow crab auctions and the snow crab market was the most popular in Yeongdeok, an area that was selected as the best domestic fishing village in Korea. In order to give many people the opportunity of enjoying and tasting Yeongdeok snow crabs, the festival will be held around Ganggu Port. The theme of the 20th event is: ‘Do you know Yeongdeok snow crab Festival? I like snow crab, Yeongdeok.’ You can eat snow crabs and various sea foods and enjoy various experiences. There will be hands-on activities and visitors can try snow crab mask, fishing for gold snow crab, a snow crab auction, and snow crab chef food. Yeongdeok is located near Daegu, and you can go to Yeongdeok within only two hours. In Ganggu Port where the festival is held, you can look out over the East Sea which you can't see in Daegu. You should consider going the Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival so you can enjoy the delicious snow crabs!