Collage students’ satisfaction with major curriculum and university life

For the new semester, the Keimyung Gazette conducted a survey of 50 sophomores about collage students’ satisfaction with their major’s curriculum and university life .

1. Why did you choose your college major?
1) I like my major (35%)
2) Based on my score (55%)
3) Recommended by people around me (10%)
4) University awareness (0%)

2. Will you get a job related to your major?
1) Yes, I will (50%)
2) No, I won't (10%)
3) I don't know (40%)

3. For the second question, why did you choose the answer 2) or 3)?
1) I think I don't fit into my major (10%)
2) I have interest and aptitude in my major, but I don't understand my major (10%)
3) I haven’t decided what to do yet (30%)

4. What do you want in your university life?
1) travel (90%) 2) study (10%) 3) volunteer work (0%) 4)part-time job (0%)

The outcome of the survey was that 55% of the students chose their majors based on their CSAT score. Further to this, 50% of the students plan to get a job related to their majors, but 30% of the students responded that they did not know if they would get a job related to their major.
Furthermore, 90% of the students surveyed wanted to travel during their college time.
The final results show that most of the students surveyed are satisfied with their major.