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KMG Reporters

● Lee Ji-min(Department of Tourism Management)
My name is Lee Ji-min, the new KMG Editor-in-chief. This year, I undertook this important duty in the Gazette. I think there are many things I lack. However, I learned many things as a KMG reporter last year, so I will do my best to make the Gazette better. Furthermore, I studied English to improve my English writing skills during winter vacation with the other reporters. At the Gazette, we always do our best to improve our abilities to write good articles. We will also continue to strive further to make the Gazette better.

● Choi Eun-gyu(Department of International Commerce)
My name is Choi Eun-gyu, the new KMG Editor starting this year. This year, I want to try writing many articles about various topics that are useful to readers. I hope KMU students who read KMU newspapers are helped by reading them. I will do my best to write useful articles and in my role as KMG Editor. Also, I will also help KMG editor-in-chief, other reporters and new cub reporters to make the Gazette the best it can be.

● Kang Na-yeong(Department of Consumer Information Science)
My name is Kang Na-yeong. I'm a sophomore at Keimyung University majoring in consumer information and a KMG reporter. I will do my best to help the new reporters this year. I have learned English and had many great experiences while working at the Gazette. I will want to write about trips or delicious food because I always think about where to go. I hope to make the atmosphere at the Gazette feel like a family.

● Na Ye-bin(Deparment of Media and Visual Communication)
I am Na Ye-bin, KMG reporter. Last year as a cub reporter, I did legwork and wrote some short articles . Sometimes I was tired, but I overcame it with help from my friends in the Gazette. This year I want to help the new cub reporters have a good experience. I also want to make the newspaper friendlier to readers and easier to read. I will try hard to grow as a reporter and write better articles this year.

● Baek In-soo (Department of E-Trade)
Hi, this is KMG Reporter Baek In-soo. It’s been a year since I joined the Gazette. I’ve learned a lot in Gazette how to write articles and essay from making a paragraph to making multi-structure essay. Spending time with Gazette is very meaningful that I can share my ideas with you. I’ll keep share my ideas with you this spring semester so hope you keep subscribe our news. Thank you.