Special Report

●Written by Gokoroya Jin noseuke
●Genre: Non fiction
●Published 2015
●Lenght:204 pages

I had become a sensitive woman because of a separation of dream and reality, tiredness of human relations, and stress from study. Somehow, I found a great book when I needed it most called When I Was the Most Beautiful.

The author of the book is Gokoroya Jin noseuke who also wrote Strong Mind and Don’t Try so Hard. He is also a famous psychologist in Japan. He wrote a book to heal people who easily get tired and weak. In particular, he writes for haggard and lonely woman because he believes that they are not honest with their emotions. In the introduction, he insists, “You are most beautiful, when you are frank.” He said a key word of love and happiness is ‘honesty.’ Actually, that is the main subject of this book. The book has information to help people become honest with themselves through the case of the haggard woman.

There are five chapters in the book: Why Did My Mind Go Wrong, I’m a Frank Woman so I’m Lovely, Wonderful Things Happen When You halt the Illusion, Haggard Women Become Honest Women and In the future, I’ll say “When I Was the Most Beautiful.” In chapter 1, he shows how women’s minds suffer from love, work and human relations, as well as why they become haggard women. In the chapter 2, there are various solutions to solve the problems learned in the first chapter. The third chapter has many illusions that interrupt you in your daily life. Chapter 4 teaches you that if you want to stop being a haggard woman, you need to do small actions, which lead to big changes. Finally, in chapter 5, he explains the nine mental habits of lovely and happy women. So, if I practice them, I can also become a lovely woman.

I think that every woman hopes to be loved. It is like an instinct for survival. Nowadays, various means exist to pursue happiness. However, if you don’t have the basic desire to exchange love with someone, you cannot get real happiness. Is it a good reason? Among those women having a seemingly splendid and successful social life, I saw only lonely and unhappy women. Also among women having ordinary and stable lives, some seem uneasy and annoyed. I think that they are haggard women. In the book, the author tells his secret methods for a lonely woman to become happy. Thanks to this book, I got hints, empathy, and consolation as a woman, so I recommend it to women who are alone.