Special Report

Director:Nancy Meyers
Starring:Anne Hathaway,Robert De Niro
Running time:121min

Many jobs exist in the world we live in. However, in modern society, people around the world have a hard time getting a job. If so many jobs exist, why don’t people have jobs? There are many reasons, but I think the main reason is a lack of passion about working.Intern.

I want to introduce the movie The Intern for people to find passion about jobs. Nancy Meyers, known for directing The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, directed this movie. Anne Hathaway of Interstellar and Robert De Niro of Silver Linings Playbook acted the title roles.

In the movie, Jules, played by Anne Hathaway, is a successful CEO and Ben, played by Robert De Niro, is a widower who is bored of retirement. Ben aged 70 finds reemployment through the Senior Internship Program. He becomes an intern at Jules’s company, an online fashion mall named “About the Fit,” and helps her by using his numerous life experiences.

Jules is a supermom who is so successful at her business that she has added 200 people to her staff in a year and a half. She is a very driven woman, riding an exercise bicycle in office and checking in on meetings every few minutes. Also, Jules tries to help others whenever she has the chance. For example, she teaches Ben how to use Facebook.

Meanwhile, Ben adapts perfectly to his new job because of his distinct sociability and old-fashioned know-how. In the beginning, Ben disagrees with Jules, but their conflict becomes cooperation. Ben and Jules become close, resulting in Ben listening to her worries and enjoying time playing with her young daughter. Eventually, Jules regards Ben as a colleague and a friend.

In the movie, business women and elderly people looking for jobs are the salient points. First, Jules is a business woman. In her family, the traditional roles are reversed: she is a female CEO of her own company and her male partner is a househusband. It was difficult for them in past, but now it is just reality. Generally, people believe that women’s careers have a glass ceiling; women rarely become CEOs. However, Jules is a nice woman who breaks this ceiling by starting her own business and being her own boss. It shows that the gate to being a CEO is open to women, too. The second important point is elderly people trying to get jobs, which is difficult in almost every country. However Ben’s attitude is special. In spite of being a septuagenarian, he tries hard to understand things about his younger coworkers like their office rules or YouTube. Young people can gain confidence about taking on a new challenge by watching Ben learn how to use YouTube.

This light-hearted film can help different generations find some common ground and share their thoughts and feelings. From beginning to end, this movie is heartwarming. It also offers many lessons due to its various viewpoints. If you have a chance to watch this movie, especially with family, I highly recommend it.