Special Report

Director: Jon Favreau
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Jon Favreau
Running time:114 min

This year’s popular trends are probably chefs and cooking. There are a lot of star chefs and up-and-coming chefs in the spotlight, appearing on several cooking shows, TV dramas, movies and commercials. Because of that, I want to introduce the American movie Chef.
Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2, directs this movie and plays the main character Carl Casper who is the chef of a first-class restaurant. Unfortunately he is so preoccupied with work he got divorced and has a bad relationship with his son. He even clashes with the restaurant owner, demanding complete authority over the menu. One night he changes the menu and receives a harsh review from a famous food critic. He is so upset that he fights with the critic on Twitter and then leaves his job at the restaurant. Because of those events, Carl loses his job, disgraces and loses faith in himself. So, Carl decides to get a food truck and cook what he wants.

Carl sells Cuban sandwiches or “Cubanos,” which originated in Miami’s Little Havana, from Miami to New Orleans and then through Texas to LA with his son Percy and colleague Martin. A Cubano is ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on Cuban bread that is buttered and lightly toasted on a grill. Carl and his crew enjoy unforgettable foods like Texas barbecue and New Orleans Beignets and make lasting memories.

In this movie, social media like Twitter helps create a connection between Carl and Percy, and helps make Carl’s food truck venture successful. Carl learns how to use Twitter from Percy, which helps them communicate better and become closer. Carl goes from disgrace at his job and in a fight on Twitter with a food critic to success cooking simple, delicious food in a truck and using social media to promote his food. In the process, Carl improves his relationship with his ex-wife and Percy, regains his love of cooking and finds real happiness as a true chef.

Food, and the Cubano specifically, is the delicious treat of a funny story full of love, reuniting with family and happiness in finding one’s passion. This simple sandwich is the basis of love, hope and reconciliation. So, of course, the best scenes in the movie show Carl, Percy and Martin cooking or eating together, and enjoying every minute of it.

Carl had to lose his pride and job as a chef to find happiness cooking in a shabby food truck. Maybe by losing something, we can find true happiness like Carl. This autumn, try watching this movie to satisfy your hunger and heart.