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A Night View of Seoul


The night view of Seoul has become famous around the world, so many people want to take photograph of it. Here are some of the most impressive attractions.

N Seoul Tower is a tower on the summit of Namsan Urban Natural Park in the center of Seoul. N Seoul Tower is an iconic landmark of Seoul. Many foreign tourists selected it as the best tourist attraction. N Seoul Tower has a nightly light show and a superlative night view. The body of the tower changes colors.

There are three ways to go to N Seoul Tower top. First, you can walk to that place in about 30 minutes. Second, you can take a city bus. The bus station is at the National Theater of Korea, and you can take city bus number 02, 03, or 05. Third, you can take the Namsan cable car to the top.

You can see panoramic view of the entire city of Seoul from the observatory. N Seoul Tower has a variety of attractions such as restaurants, shops, and the Teddy Bear Museum. In addition, there are many events such as concert.

Banpo Daegyo(Bridge) features the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. It is the world’s longest bridge fountain. It has 380 water jets and many multi-colored lights. You can enjoy The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain’s along with some music when night falls. You can also get a great view of the Han River from here. There are a variety of amenities to enjoy such as campsites, walking roads, and green lawns.

You can see the dramatic night view of just a short walk from Banpo Bridge. There is a fine view of the Han River. In addition, the LED lights of sebitseom provide splendid lighting that is beautiful at night. There are a variety of restaurants, shops, exhibitions, performances, and events. Sebitseom and the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain’s water jets are harmonious and offer gorgeous evening scenery.