Special Report

Editor: Jung Jae-suk
Genre: poetry
Published: 2015
Length: 244pages

A new book,The Line of a Poem to Move Me is a series of poems published in a section of the Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper’s opinion page called Poem in Morning starting in 2014. This book is a collection of 55 people’s poems that they wanted to share with readers again. The contributors to this book are people who have had difficult and lonely days, but didn’t give up writing poems. This book includes poems that encouraged authors when they had trouble. This book’s poems tell readers to live a life without regrets, to throw yourself willing into life and to not be scared of living. Each person’s life has a different meaning. The poets write poems about love or art or the stories of their lives. I want to recommend this book to university students, especially those who need a break from their hectic lives.

We want to be special to others or have others become special to us. In this book, Kim Chun-su’s poem “Flower” expresses the thoughts of our hearts. All of our ideas to be a “flower” not just “no more than a mere gesture” to lovers, best friends, family or people recently met. In this poem, special people or things such as a, movie, song, object, or memory transform into flowers as seen in the phrase “he came to me and became a flower”. This poem reminds us of the moment that two people come together and become special to each other. Also Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem “Advice to Give a Young Poet” will be useful for studying, finding a job, or dealing with problems that are hard to solve for mentally exhausted readers. In this poem, you will find this advice: “Live the present problem. Then life will give you the answer in the far future before you know”. The message is to deal with the current difficult problems and uncertain future, not trying to get answers right now, and wait with patience because one day life will teach us the answers. Hermann Hesse’s poem “Word of Spring” uses spring to describe the power of youth. The reason why spring is beautiful in this poem is that the eyes of “youth” are growing and alive. The best line is “Blossom, hope, love, throw yourself and don’t be afraid of life”. Our youths try hard, fight for their dreams and goals, and smile or cry from falling in love. I recommend this poem for the youth of today.

Many kinds of poems make me see beauty in the world. When I want to get composure and rest my body and soul, I read poetry. I believe it could help other students, so ease your troubles with a few good poems.