Special Report

Directed by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Genre: Drama, Historical, Action
Starring: Julie Depardieu
Running time: 104min

“Real friends are the ones who go through thick and thin” is a saying that is partially shown in the movie To Life through the three friends Helen, Lily, and Rose who have shared their sorrows and happiness. During WWII, the three friends depended on one another trying to live day by day. After the war was over the three friends were busy living their own lives separate from each other. Then one day, Helen posted an advertisement in the newspaper that she was looking for a beloved friend, Lily. Through the advertisement she expressed her willingness to find Lily, and eventually she did.

The three friends lived different lives after the war. Helen lived in Paris with her husband who she met before WWII, but she kept her virginity despite her age and her deep affection for her husband. On the other hand, Lily was divorced and was living an independent and successful life as an author. Rose was also married and had a family that she loved and cared for.

After meeting each other at a beach in France, they realized how their lives had become so different. They also recognized that they had different perspectives toward their own lives as well. Helen who still pursued pure and eternal love met someone new at the beach. Lily who had become a great feminist enjoyed the time with Rose as well. All three of them tried to understand one another by trying to look at life from a new perspective.

However, the happiness of the present did not erase the painful past. The three friends laughed at the ironic situation that even though they met under the worst conditions, their friendship was more important than anything else. In the film, it shows how their different perspectives toward life impacted each other. The film shows that if people stay in the past without getting prepared for the future, they will not be able to truly enjoy life as it is. Accepting the past and letting it go, as well as preparing for the future, are the key points that underlie the film.

Currently, many people are worried about their lives, about how they are supposed to live. This is why books and seminars about improving one’s life are so popular. However, through this movie it is easy to see that having clear dreams and future plans may be important, but the most crucial factor is the perspective one has toward life. The way one accepts the different events and overcomes the difficulties is what is significant in life. That is why this film is recommended to students who want to think over their attitudes toward life.