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No. 169Puzzle

Lee Jun-woo, wnsdn1103@kmu.ac.kr

등록일: 2015-03-07 오후 3:38:51


1. a building where people are kept as a punishment for a crime, or while they are waiting to go to court for their trial
2. your name written in the way you usually write it, for example at the end of a letter, or on a cheque etc to show that you have written it
3. the main subject or idea in a piece of writing, speech, film etc
4. a deep valley with very steep sides of rock that usually has a river running through it
5. someone who is walking, especially along a street or other place used by cars

1. remarks that say what you think is bad about someone or something
2. a long narrow area with walls on either side which connects one room or place to another
3. someone who works under the ground in a mine to remove coal, gold etc
4. before something happens or is expected to happen
5. the early part of the night between the end of the day and the time you go to bed
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