Special Report

Directed by Lee Su-jin
Genre : drama
Starring : Cheon U-hui, Jeong In-seon, Kim So-yeong
112 Min.

The movieHan Gong-ju has received 8 awards from international and domestic film festivals and has been seen more than any other Korean independent film in Korean film history without any famous actors, actresses or director. Although the movie was made with a very low-budget, it has remarkable imagery and beauty and high work completeness. New films are constantly being released, but Han Gong-ju continues to attract viewers to cinemas. This movie will pass two hundred thousand spectators in the near future.

The movie dramatizes the true story of a female middle school student who was sexually assaulted by 44 male high school students in Miryang from January to November in 2004. Han Gong-ju is the heroine and victim at the same time. The story is told from her point of view. Gong-ju and her friend were raped by some boys who visited Gong-ju’s home. Her friend who was also raped got pregnant during the assault and she eventually chose suicide. After the first attack, Gong-ju’s school forced her to go to another school. Furthermore, she suffered from the assaulters’ parents who wanted her to sign an agreement so her rapists don’t have to go to jail. Her mother who remarried is indifferent to her daughter, and her father who she meets sometimes is too undependable. He forced her sign a petition. In Gong-ju’s new school, she makes a friend who notices Gong-ju’s talent for music. She is concerned about Gong-ju and tries to be close with her. Some of the girls’ friends couldn't understand her sensitivity and sharpness. A conflict between them became a quarrel, but finally all of them become good friends.

The movie Han Gong-ju has discrimination like other movies that focus on the victims' lives after being sexually assaulted. Movies that deal with sex crimes are common, but almost all concentrate on the process of sexual assault and the irrationality. Existing movies are lays emphasis on social criticism, and enkindle wrath of the audiences. But Han Gong-ju took objective position by using the camerawork that crossed the past and the present. Camera maintained neutral aspect throughout the film. The unique expansion method of movie has contributed to complete the cinematic quality. Cheon U-hui, the actress who played Han Gong-ju, gave an impressive performance, too. Samuel Zamier, Co-representative of New York Asian film festival, spoke that the reason officially invited Han Gong-ju at festival is actress Cheon U-hui’s amazing performance.

Isn't it warm heart that our society is required to sexual assaulted victims who prepares new life now? Also, it must be necessary to punish rapist strictly. In reality, most of attackers of Miryang case were punished very slightly. Harsh punishment will help to decrease sex crimes rate. I think that movie Han Gong-ju has good influence on awaking people’s consciousness and make enactment of constitution more sternly. Thinking about movie Dogani contributed to making ‘Dogani law’ with its success, it isn’t completely impossible thing.