Special Report

* Directed by James McTeigue
* Genre : Action, Drama
* Starring : Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman
* 132 Min

Now, the Republic of Korea is enjoying an era of freedom. The media isn’t being censored by the government. People can give their opinions freely now, but in the past they couldn’t because the previous era was a military dictatorship. The dictatorship also clamped down on all opposing media. In addition, they secretly monitored the public on a daily basis and bugged opposition leaders. The same things happen in the movie V for Vendetta.

This movie is set in England, primarily London, in 2034 and portrays life in dictator-dominated British society. The main character V is a mysterious, anti-government activist. He was imprisoned in Larkhill detention center because the government labeled him as subversive. While there, he was tortured and experimented on by various doctors, which made him want to get revenge by killing those doctors and overthrowing the corrupt government. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, a famous English revolutionary, to hide his face and evoke Fawkes’ ideals. On 4th November, V rescues Evey from 2 secret policemen while she is walking the streets after curfew. He brings her to witness his first act of rebellion: blowing up a building. The next day, V takes over the TV station where Evey works. He broadcasts a message nationwide that on November 5th of the following year, he will blow up the House of Parliament and he wants everyone to show up in support of the rebellion. During his escape, V gets caught but Evey helps him get away. He then takes her with him to prevent her arrest. V knows that people need to overcome their fear and gain the bravery to fight for their freedom. To help Evey overcome her fear, he confines her in jail and tortures her for information. In the end, she masters her fear and becomes as strong as V.

In the movie, people think every broadcast on TV tells only the truth. They can’t have ideas that are different from the government. If they do that, they will be monitored more closely and eventually arrested by the police. This is very frightening.

At the end of the film, the people don’t sit in front of the TV anymore, which means they don’t believe the media anymore. They demonstrate for their freedom and against the government by accepting V’s invitation to watch the Parliament building destroyed. Have you ever given up something important because of fear? I hope you see this movie and get the courage to overcome your fear.