Special Report

Sherlock Holmes : Representative Short Stories

· Written by Authur Conan Doyle, translated by Cho Mi-young
· Genre: novel
· Published in July 2006
· 575 pages

How much do you know about Sherlock Holmes? If you only know Sherlock Holmes from movies or British TV dramas, it means you don't know him completely yet. You can see Holmes’ reasoning power in them. But is it the real Sherlock Holmes made by Arthur Conan Doyle? The book Sherlock Holmes Representative Short Stories is a chance for us to meet the real Holmes. There are 7 of Arthur Conan Doyle’s best works in this book.

Before describing the book itself, it is important to know something about Sherlock Holmes and his best friend Dr. John Watson. Sherlock Holmes is tall and thin. He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, but if he thinks that some knowledge isn’t necessary for him, he deletes it from his head. Also, he wants to use his intelligence only in fields that he is interested in. He doesn't become tired until a case is completed. Sometimes he does weird things like playing the violin at night or shooting a gun at the wall. He also finds critical clues from very small things. His best friend Dr. John Watson, a former army surgeon, writes about Holmes’ cases and helps Holmes to solve cases. He compliments Holmes' merits, and even though he doesn't look like the perfect complement to Holmes, he is the right man for the job.

This book has 7 stories that Authur Conan Doyle selected as the best stories that he wrote. In this book, all the stories are short stories, so the characters and their personalities are explained briefly in each story. The short stories are easy for us to read, and each story is divided into several small chapters so it's not boring. The chapters are short and interesting, so people who don't like to read long stories or easily become tired of reading books can read the stories without difficulty. Moreover, each story is unique and full of fascinating characters so you will experience new worlds while reading. While reading the stories, sometimes you may wonder why some details are included in a chapter, but later when you realize that those details are important to solve the case, you will be surprised. Because of this, this book evokes in us some curiosity about inference and deduction.

Everybody has some fantasy about using inference and experience with it once. I hope this book helps you to increase your reasoning power and gives you a chance to develop the good habit of reading books. Also, it would be interesting to compare the Holmes described in this book with the Holmes in movies or TV dramas. Moreover, there are scenes that describe England’s streets and background in that period, so you can feel like you are walking with Holmes solving cases. Why don’t you try reading this book and experiencing what it’s like to solve cases with Sherlock Holmes?