Special Report

‧ Written by Kim Tae-won
‧ Genre : self-improvement
‧ Published in December 2010
‧ 296 pages

Do you know Kim Tae-won who is well known as a young mentor in our society? He has worked in Google Korea , which is one of the most preferred workplaces where university students want to work currently. He has delivered his thoughts to many people through books, lectures, and broadcasting, and has shared his various experiences which he has gained since he was in college. Nowadays he is becoming a well-known young mentor. Therefore he wrote a book to present his thoughts to his readers.

Nowadays it is important to look different. What do differentiation and thinking differently mean? To understand the meaning, take a look at one person's experience as an example. A man had to give a presentation at his second interview for a job. Although his presentation topic was unrelated to the company's business, he passed the interview. The reason why he passed was he creatively presented the problem and solution. This story is an experience of Kim Tae-won who wrote this book. Thinking differently from others does not mean doing something more. It just means slightly changing the routine that we are accustomed to.

In this book, he asks questions about various subjects to readers. He had emphasized thinking differently in his former books and this time he provides ways to think differently . For example, he provides ways to think differently like trying to do convergence. For example, a college student majoring in engineering gets humanities knowledge reading its books and having lots of experiences, stories and contents rather than specs.

Kim has conveyed helpful and comforting messages to lots of youth who feel pain and want to meet a real mentor. Pictures, numbers and poems, and various stories mingle with his thoughts to make it easy for anyone to understand. Also, there are questions for consideration after each chapter.

If you want to have creativity, you have to see differently. I hope that you’ll become a man or a woman who represents thinking, not only for an age which demands fresh and new things but also for yourself.