Special Report

Investment Techniques Diary of Hyun-young

‧ Written by Hyun-young
‧ Genre: Economy/Management
‧ Published in May 2008
‧ 247 pages

Most university students get a lump sum of spending money or salary from a part-time job each month. Unlike high school students, when university students receive a large sum of money one time, they feel confident they can manage their money. They think: "I can use this money frugally." or "This is enough money for me." However, they find that by the end of the month there is nothing left. Some people say the reason why this happens is they don’t have enough money for them. If so, is it possible for people to save money who only have a little spending money? The answer is "Yes!" Let me introduce the book, Investment Techniques Diary of Hyun-young. This book introduces practical money-saving strategies for students like keeping receipts, using a coin purse, and introducing thrifty date places. Her great investment techniques and frugal spirit helped make her rich. This book presents her investment techniques and tips that she had learned from her college days up until she became a celebrity. Here are three major points in her book.

First, People’s skills are their main asset.. Hyun-young got an aerobic qualification when she was in college. At first she thought acquiring this qualification was useless consumption because it demanded a lot of time and money. However, it was just a small investment for her and she felt a huge accomplishment through this. After that, she felt people need skills and value to save up money. In addition to her personal experiences, this book shows many free lecture sites that enhance ones value and self-worth.

Second, she says reading newspapers is the cheapest and easiest way to study the economy. In the financial section of the newspaper, we can get a lot of information about the flow of the economy like the latest trends and promising new industries. When you first read it, it is difficult to understand the economic terms. However, Hyun-young said you would be able to find the flow of the overall economic situation just by reading the main articles in the financial section.

Third, use web sites to buy and sell refurbished products. College students meet many people so appearance is very important to them. However, they don’t have a lot money to buy what they want. Therefore there are sites where people can buy and sell refurbished products for 20-somethings. Even though some people believe refurbished products are not always flawed. There are other reasons products are returned like a change of heart or unavoidable circumstances. The reasons things are returned are listed on the sites so you can buy goods with less anxiety.

Besides these things, there are many ways to save money in this book, but thrift and investment technique are most important. All readers should make a regular habit of saving money and being thrifty. If you follow her advice, maybe you will be rich someday too.