Special Report

‧ Directed by Sylvester Stallone
‧ Genre: Action, Drama
‧ Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Burt Young
‧ 102min

Rocky Balboa is a movie about a man who is known for being a famous boxer. However, now, he is not a hero in the ring. He just runs his small restaurant. Then one day, he has a dream about being a boxer again but in the process, he runs into problems with re-enrolling as a player in the boxing association. Furthermore, his environment also hinders his plan. When everyone said no, Rocky said “Everyone has their own rights to pursue their happiness but, why I can’t do what I want? If someone tries to battle with themselves to make their dreams come true, no one can say stop dreaming.” Watching this scene, I thought ‘as a university student I’m in the same position as Rocky except for my age.' I wonder if I am doing my best to achieve my dreams.

Finally, he succeeds in re-enrolling as a boxer and he starts boxing. One day, his son visits him. His son always concerns himself with what people say and he didn’t do what he wanted in life, unlike his father Rocky. Then Rocky said “You have to live fiercely. It is important. People are going to gain learning by advancing inch by inch.” In that scene, I feel sad because in the future, I might ask myself the question ‘Am I really happy? Even though I have a lot of money and a high position in some field, perhaps I lived my life doing what I really did not want to do.’

Rocky tried to win his last match and he did his best. However, he lost the fight. But, he is honorable to himself because he knew that he did what he wanted to do and he tried his best for his dream. In addition, people who hold Rocky back from boxing finally appreciate Rocky as his true worth. After you see the movie, you will also feel he is cool.

Watching the movie, I begin to identify with him. I feel strained and nervous in some scenes and I feel joyful and excited in other scenes while I watch him do difficult things that I can’t do in reality. In this movie, Rocky is a man who derives enjoyment from recalling old times. I think if I did my best in every moment for my dream, I would also become happy when I am recalling old times. This movie shows us that people have to truly pursue their dreams in life. Furthermore, this movie tells us it is not success, but intensity or effort, that is the objective in our life and if our intensity continues, we will achieve lifelong learning. Rocky Balboa will last for a long time in the viewer’s memory.