Special Report

The Choice of a 23-year-old: Bang Your Head against the Wall

‧ Written by Yoo Su-youn
‧ Genre: Essay
‧ Published in January 2003
‧ 240 pages

What is your dream? Do you feel your dream is too big? If you do, maybe you are comparing yourself with others. So now, I will introduce you to a special a woman. Even though she didn't have much money or wasn't as smart as a normal person, she had a dream and tried hard to achieve it. Yoo Su-youn wrote this book about her experiences. As she introduces her hectic twenties and a way to study English through this book, she gives us a message of hope.

As soon as she entered a university near Seoul, she started going to school only once or twice a week, using the excuse that she was working part-time at a newspaper office. Outside of those hours, she spent the entire day sleeping. Suddenly, just before graduating from the university, she went to Australia without a plan, thinking she could no longer live like this. Her English at the time was poor, confusing even the days of the week. However, she restarted her studies and finished a language course within three months. She entered Lorraine Martin College after taking the IELTS test. After, as an interpreter she studied English harder and finally worked on a Master's degree in business administration at Aston University. While in America, she also worked at the Hyatt Hotel as a hotelier. Since she returned to Korea in 2001, she has given lectures and made hundreds of millions of won a year.

This book was written vividly about her hard life’s history. Her forthright but practical advices will help you. Among them she tells readers even if you are doing trivial work, work hard to be the best in that field. Since English ability is important in a tight job market, this book taught an effective way to study English well while in Korea. First, you should watch American dramas, each episode over ten times within 3 days without Korean subtitles. Second, you should read thin novels several times. Third, you should memorize an English storybook once a week. Fourth, you should read a grammar book in the original and re-read over three times in two months. Fifth, you should not talk in Korean for over three hours per day. Those are the ways to master English in Korea.

I hope you get a much better dream and achieve it rather than being frustrated after reading this book. If we make great efforts, we can get what we want just like her. It's the beginning of a new semester, I am looking forward to seeing many Keimyung students passionately doing their best in their studies or outside of their academic life.