Special Report

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Genre: Fantasy
Starring: Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law

Have you ever seen a 'robot movie'? Usually, in most robot movies, robots occupy the world or people just use robots to satisfy their desires. But this movie is different. The movie AI can be enjoyed by any age class and it will strike a chord for everybody. I want to briefly introduce you to this movie.

The movie takes place in a future society where a scientific civilization was developed and a glacier of the North Pole melted, submerging cities under the water. People are living in these cities, served by robots with artificial intelligence.

One day, doctor Havi makes the first artificial intelligence robot, David, who has feelings. David is adopted by Henry Swintern and Monica, a married couple. They are feeling a sense of loss because their son, Martin, contracted an incurable disease and must be kept in low temperature refrigeration.

David is programmed to love people, so he regards Monica as his mom. Gradually, he adapts to people in society. But when the real son, Martin, comes back to the family, David is thrown out into the forest.

David thinks that if he were a real human, he could gain back his mom's love. So he takes a trip to search for a fairy who has the ability to make him human.
David then meets robot Joe who becomes his friend and accompanies him. They experience hardship. Finally they go to submerged New York City, but David can't find the solution to solve his problem and he is broken and dies.

After 2 millennia, humanity has been destroyed and aliens come down to earth. Aliens revive David, they read his mind and learn about his dream and they make David's wish come true. The alien revives David's mom but she can only live for a day. David and his mom have a nice day. After, David falls into a deep sleep with his mom.
Through this movie, I want you to think again about your family and about love.