Special Report

Directed by Ricky Gervais, Matthew Robinson
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill

Have you ever imagined the world without lying? If you lived there, how would you feel? This movie describes a world like this. In the world being described in this movie, the people are working, driving and living with families like in our world. But people speak only the truth. So these points give us humor and lessons. Also, it shows us new viewpoints to realize the different angles of lying. Here we go to the movie!

The main character is Mark Bellison. He is a screenwriter working at a film company. But he is an unattractive person who is short and fat and makes bad performances. Then, he is introduced to a nice woman, Anna, who is a pretty girl with an hourglass figure. She is outstanding in every way. She rejects him when they meet. Soon after, he is fired from his company because of his bad performances. One day he goes to the bank to borrow money to pay his rent. In this situation, he tells a lie to the bank clerk. He just asks the clerk for more money than the amount which he has in his account. Then, the clerk says there might be some errors in the data processing, and gives the required money without doubting the truth of his statement because the clerk does not know about lying. Because of this, he realizes that he can lie. After that, his way of living changes completely. For example, he learns he can get money by taking advantage of lying in a casino or a bank. With lying, Mark enjoys the world. But soon he feels tired of lying and getting money without effort. He becomes determined to get back to his work as a writer and to make a good movie. Finally, his movie catches the eye of the public and he becomes a famous and successful writer. Also, he turns into an attractive person to Anna.

He realized that conditions such as appearance, economic strength, and so on are not essential to self-realization. Anna had regarded the superior gene as an essential condition, but after meeting him she sees the inner sides of a person. If you watch this movie, I recommend that you keep an eye out for two points: first, the humor of being too honest and second, the hidden honesty in lying.
I hope you will watch this movie. After watching this movie, I hope you will prioritize your values.