Special Report

The Youth’s Fierce Fight for Specification Job Qualifications

Written by Yu Sang-il
Genre: Self Development
Published in September 2010

Freshmen through senior students! Do you have a pleasant university life like the one you dreamed of when you were a high school student? When you were a high school student, you lived a routine life with a planned timetable, but now as a university student are you having any difficulty with living freely? Many freshmen spend their first year doing meaningless activities and adjusting to university life. They have lots of free time and freedom but they always play, play and play. When they become seniors, they are worried and depressed by the stress of getting a job. I want to introduce some pieces of advice to all depressed students that are given in this book. This book tells you the methods to develop your qualifications and enjoy the steps of getting a job.

First, there is a saying, “First make a fishery, then you can see the fish and manage your fishery.” This saying means that if you want to get benefits from friends or acquaintances, first you should make friends and participate in social activities. To widen your personal connections, joining clubs at the university is the best way. Many clubs associated with your major or foreign languages help you study and improve your ability and grades. However, clubs that share your interests are also a good way for you to experience social life indirectly. In addition, if you have a mentor or role model in the club, you can gain confidence to make your dream come true.

Second, let’s challenge to ourselves with a second language. With globalization, English has become the official language. If you have a huge dream and want to succeed in the world, you need to learn a second language. Especially, Chinese and Japanese are good languages to learn because the economy of China is rapidly growing and Japan has made a lot of economic exchanges with Korea. Recently, many corporations are entering Arab countries so learning Arabic is also good. In the company’s interview, how about looking appealing to them with your knowledge of Arabic?

There is a lot of information about various competitions, useful sites and certifications for university students in this book. Don’t you want to know about them? Aren’t you excited? Could this book be the compass in your life? Do you want to know how to increase your confidence and how to spend your university life efficiently and have fun? Open this book right now! When you are on the last page, you will be superman!