Special Report

Directed by Peyton T. Reed
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Starring: Jim Carrey, Zooey Claire Deschanel
104 min.

When you are presented with a good opportunity, what do you say? Yes or no? Many people usually say no to a good opportunity because they are satisfied with their current lifestyle, and they don’t want to take a risk. When you say no, you are playing it safe. However, it can lead to a boring and monotonous life. It is hard to have a fulfilling life if you always say no. By contrast, when you say yes to a new environment, you can have a more interesting and enjoyable life. Now, the final exams are coming up so you may be tired with studying. Watch this comedy movie, refresh your mind, and think about yourself.

The main character in the movie, Carl Allen, is a person who always says no. He always says no at his company and with meeting friends. Due to his negative attitude, he was divorced and didn’t help his company for a long time. Furthermore, his friends were disappointed with him. One day, he met an old friend, and his friend recommended the ‘Yes’ program. His friend made him join, and in so doing, he was forced to say yes to every opportunity. After that day, he had to say yes to meeting friends, going to a Korean class, and even taking care of homeless people and lending money to others. Due to this, good things happened. While he was doing someone a favor, he bumped into a girl called Allison, and they fell in love and improved his company. One day, he revealed to Allison that he always says yes because he joined the ‘Yes’ program. Allison was saddened as she felt that he did not take her sincerely. Allen had a hard time because of her, and he was in agony trying to figure out what he was doing wrong, resulting in him reconsidering the meaning of the ‘Yes’ program. Finally, he realized that the real meaning is to say with sincerity, and Allison accepted this.

The movie shows that a person who has a negative attitude can become a ‘yes’ man and benefit from it. On top of this, it teaches us that not only should we say yes, but we should say it with sincerity. Life brings many opportunities to us. How about trying new things rather than just saying no because of fear of the unknown? Luck can follow people who challenge themselves and try new things. When you do, it may not always work out, but one of the benefits of being young is that we can afford to take more risks. My advice to you is to have a positive mind and to live an enjoyable life.