Special Report

Directed by Jon Amiel
Genre: Action
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Ann Swank
130 min.

Recently, many natural disasters, such as big earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, have happened. Through these disasters, we realize that we are powerless beings when confronted with nature, and many people probably think about armageddon. I think this movie: would be a nice movie in helping us to think about our relationship with our planet. Furthermore, I think through this movie people will have an opportunity to rethink about how we abuse the natural environment and its resources. For these reasons, I recommend this movie, The Core.

In the movie, the U.S. Government developed a secret weapon, ‘DESTINY’, which is a kind of device that can create an earthquake to attack enemies. Because of its use, the core of the Earth stopped revolving. Consequently, various weather changes like lightning and tsunamis took place frequently and caused the deaths of thousands and thousands of people. One character, Dr. Joshua, said, “If these conditions continue, all of the living things on Earth will die within a year. Making the Earth’s core rotate again is the only way to recover.”

Following discussions, the U.S. Government and NASA decide to form a special team to make the Earth's core rotate again. The team, composed of six experts, are to go down to the Earth’s core. For this project, special equipment needed to be prepared. A huge machine was built and used to dig into the Earth using a laser, and the six experts gradually approach travel to the core. During the path towards the core, there are many obstacles such as hot lava and sites filled with huge diamonds. On the way, several of the crew perished. However, two experts managed to reach the center of the Earth. At the end, a nuclear bomb was released and the core started to rotate again.

While watching this movie, I thought some scenes were very unrealistic and unscientific. Moreover, I had many questions. For example, ‘Doves were aware of the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field. Is it possible that doves are dropping like flies due to the Earth's magnetic field’s hole?’. ‘Could the Earth’s core really rotate again by using a nuclear bomb?’ ‘Although this movie has a happy ending, would that be likely to happen in real life?' We see time and time again that we are powerless when natural disasters occur and kill people and damage the places where people live. In particular, I thought the situation of the movie resembles the radioation released from the nuclear power plant in Japan. It was not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster caused by careless management. Through this movie, I want you to think about our Mother Earth and our thoughtless use of our environment.