Let's Go on a Visit

Nature, history, and culture! Aren't they the most important things that attract travelers' attention? In this issue, the Gazette would like to introduce places to visit in Gyeongnam, located on the lower side of the Korean peninsula. Tongyeong is not a big city but it is very famous as a tourist attraction. As it is located at the coast, you can enjoy the sea and also mountains, and you can visit historical and cultural places around there. Also, Tongyeong was featured on the popular TV program, "One Night and Two Days". In particular, the Gazette suggests going to The Ropeway of Hallyeo National Marine Park, Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel, and Dongpirang Wall Painting Village.

①The Ropeway of Hallyeo National Marine Park

●Location: Mt. Mireuksan (349-1, Donam-dong, Tongyeong-si)
●Tel: 055-649-3804~5
●Admission fee: Adult-9,000 won for round ticket, 5,500 won for one-way ticket
Child-5,500 won for round ticket, 3,000 won for one-way ticket
(you can receive a group discount for 25+ people)
●Opening Hours: Winter (Oct~Feb)-09:30 ~ 17:00
Spring & Autumn (March, September)-09:30 ~ 18:00
Summer (Apr~Aug)-09:30 ~ 19:00
●Web site: www.ttdc.co.kr

The Ropeway, which is 1,975 meters long is the longest cable car ride in Korea. At first, it moves very slowly, but, as time goes by, it moves more and more quickly so many people say that it's like an amusement park ride. For ten minutes, you can see the nice view in the cable car. As the houses and buildings become smaller and smaller, you will reach the top of the mountain. At the summit of the mountain, you can see Tongyeong. Enjoy the great spectacle!

②Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel

●Location: near Chungmu Bridge
●Admission fee and opening hours: free for 24 Hours
●Length: 483 meters
●Width: 5 meters
●Height: 3.5 meters

It is the very first undersea tunnel in Asia. Its construction started in July 1931 and, after one year and four months, it was completed. The area was flat originally, and there were a lot of corpses of Japanese who died during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. Therefore, people made a bridge above the tidal flat. In the Japanese colonial era, Japanese people saw that people were passing above their soldiers. Consequently, they decided to make an undersea tunnel. At that time, we didn't have a lot of skills but we were still able to make it. Go to the tunnel and think about our history. The tunnel connects Dangdong and Misu-2-dong.

③Dongpirang Wall Painting Village

●Location: near Jungang Traditional Market
●Adimission fee and Opening Hours: free for 24 Hours, but avoid visiting at night because it is located in a private village.

"Dongpirang" belongs to a dialect meaning the east hill of this area. In 2006, the city wanted to change the village into a park and make an attraction sight. However, there were a lot of people living there. Therefore, one civic group held a wall painting contest in this village, and there were many participants who took part in it. After the contest, the village has become a design village and the city was preserved because of this. If you visit Dongpirang, you can see the community design and slow-paced life.