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Letters from Readers

Sung Woo-hyun, swh6886@kmu.ac.kr

등록일: 2010-12-06 오후 11:17:16

New discovery for me, the Gazette

Hi, I’m glad to meet you through this newspaper. I’m Yoon Kyung-hwan, a sophomore majoring in Police administration at this university. I’m just one of the students who lead an ordinary student life. Anyway, I’m happy to participate in this section as a reader.

In fact, I stumbled upon the newspaper, the Gazette, just a few weeks ago. Before then, I didn’t know that there is an English newspaper at Keimyung. I think there are many students who do not know about the Gazette, like me. What a pity!

After I read the Gazette once, I felt it’s worth taking the time to read it. As you know, most students want to improve their English and broaden their horizons to help them get a job or something else. In those regards, the Gazette might be helpful to those who read all the corners. As for me, I have also been studying English conversation nowadays.
Thanks to the Gazette, I know that reading English newspapers is a natural way to develop my abilities to speak, read, and write in English.

Furthermore, the newspaper includes a variety of contents such as campus news, current affairs and know-how that are useful for students. I thought the corner, which lets students learn how to make a learning portfolio, was the best corner in the previous issue. So, even though the Gazette is an English newspaper, it is not hard to read the Gazette because it’s fun. I'm sure that it could give readers some experiences in a variety of different fields and help students improve their English.

As I mentioned above, I’m saddened that many students do not know of the Gazette because it has not been well promoted. I think it needs to be promoted more and I hope it have many more sections for readers to participate in.

Lastly, I am so pleased to write this letter to the Gazette. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

By Yoon Kyung-hwan
Sophomore, Dept. of Police Administration
Hi Gazette Fam !!

Hi! I live in KELI House which is Keimyung University’s English dormitory and in the lobby there are 3 kinds of newspapers: Korea Herald, Korea Times, and The Keimyung Gazette. These are read every day by KELI students.

At first I didn’t know about the Keimyung Gazette. Then, one day in KELI’s reading class, the teacher handed it to us. In the past I had just heard about the Keimyung Gazette, but I had never seen it. It was very surprising to me and what is more surprising is that two of our classmates were working as reporters there.

After class, I went back to my room and began reading the Gazette. It was very interesting to me because it was about my surroundings. There was my friend’s article, campus news and even stories about me.

However, the most important thing was I could read the English newspaper by myself. Actually, in the past I have seen the newspapers but it was always a challenge to read the English newspapers in the KELI lobby and I always gave up reading them due to difficult words and contents.

However, the Gazette is much different. After I read the Gazette, I thought two things. First, the English newspaper is not so difficult, and second I thought the reporters are working hard for their readers. I think writing articles in English is much difficult and, what is more difficult, in my opinion, is understanding the articles.

Now, I have a dream to have my article published in the Keimyung Gazette. I’m not a Keimyung Gazette reporter and my English writing skill is poor, but I want it. Thanks to theKeimyung Gazette, I now think English newspapers are not as difficult as before. I want many other people to feel the same as I did after reading my article.

By Ha Hyun-su
Sophomore, Dept. of Business Administration
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