Special Report

Directed by Naoko Ogigami
Genere: Drama
Starring: Satomi Kobayashi, Hairi Katagiri
102 min.

Hot summer weather has annoyed us for a long time. But, suddenly, autumn has arrived. What words do you envision when you hear the word ‘autumn’? Although there are many words we can use to describe autumn, I think autumn is the season of art and culture. We can imagine about films and books. So, I found a movie that the readers of the Gazette can watch to feel warm and happy in their heart.

In Finland, a Japanese woman, Satchie, opened a small restaurant. Unfortunately, her restaurant had no customers for a month. One day, Satchie got her first guest, Tommy. He asked her for the theme song lyrics of a Japanese cartoon, Gatchaman, but Satchie could not remember it. Then one day she met a Japanese tourist, Midori, in a bookstore and she learned the cartoon theme song from Midori. However, Midori looked sad. She did not know where she had to go, so Satchie recommended her to stay with her during her tour. Since then, they lived together.

Every day, Satchie waited for customers, maintaining a warm smile. One day, she met another customer. A Finnish man entered her restaurant quietly. He tasted her coffee and felt that something was missing in the taste, and so he told her how to make more delicious coffee.

"Kofi ruwak (the world's most expensive and delicious coffee, from India!) If someone makes this cup of coffee for you, its flavor is deeper."

The next person who Satchie met was Masako, who lost all of her luggage at the airport on the way to Finland. Both her parents had died, and Masako came to Finland in order to feel calm and peaceful. She spent her time with Satchie and Masako. She also became a regular customer. After Masako found her luggage, she remained.

Would you like to read about the people who established ties with Satchie? At the end of the movie, Finnish grandmothers, who first glanced at the restaurant awkwardly, sit in the restaurant, enjoying conversations with one another. In addition, a lot of people came to the restaurant with many stories. Simple rustic food and communications in everyday life healed the sad people and brought laughter. The restaurant was a magical place for the people who went there. Due to the affectionate atmosphere that the movie brings, you can feel free and happy after watching it. At the end of the movie, Satchie’s restaurant is full of guests and Satchie is no longer alone. Today, how about listening to stories of precious people around us with a cup of delicious coffee?