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Letters from Readers

Kim Kyung-soon, eeaa15@kmu.ac.kr

등록일: 2008-09-08 오후 5:36:32

Whenever I read the Gazette, I feel the Gazette always pays careful attention to the voices of Keimyung students. In the case of the changed newspaper version of the Gazette, I think it is from the Gazette's intention to include what is happening on campus and what the students need more than before.

I like most sections of the Gazette. To name just one, it is the "Column" section that I like most. Academic writings written by Keimyung University professors give me many lessons while reading them. The corner makes me think about many of the issues that I have not thought of and gives me the chance to read what professors in Keimyung University are thinking and what message they want to deliver to Keimyung students. Otherwise, I think I or other students can rarely read their thinking closely. Even though their column writings are sometimes hard to understand and follow for me, such writings, written in academic English, give me an opportunity to read with confidence.

Finally, I want to thank the Gazette for letting me have the chance to contribute my opinion. In addition, I appreciate the Gazette members for the hard work they have been doing. I believe that the Gazette will keep prospering.

By Moon Hyun-gi
(Sophomore, Dept. of English Lang. and Lit.)

I have been reading the Gazette since I was a freshman. Even though it is written in English, I have spared no effort in reading it.

I got much useful information from the Gazette articles in Issue No. 129. “2008 Backpacking Trends” was the most interesting among them, and it gave me much helpful information. In addition, the article made me actually recognize the trials and errors I experienced last year.
Last summer vacation, I went to Fukuoka, located in the south of Japan. At that time, I was so exhausted by the strong heat and my bike riding. My careless preparation for the trip troubled me so much. Careful preparation for the trip and enough information for
backpacking would have saved me effort in adapting myself even to the climate difference between Korea and Japan. When I read the Gazette article, I stored it in my file box to keep the information.

The Gazette must be the best newspaper in Keimyung University. Anyone who reads it may have felt like me. However, the Gazette has only four pages which are a little small to include the contents they want to deliver. Accordingly, they need to keep thinking of ways they can effectively deliver much information in the restricted pages.

I think the Gazette is necessary especially to freshmen and to all the other university members. They must read the Gazette because the Gazette always tries to give us much pleasure in campus life, and the reporters there always make strenuous efforts for us.

By Cho Young-rok
(Sophomore, Dept. of Politics and Diplomacy)
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