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Author: Michelle Obama
Genre: Memoir
Published in November 2018
Lenghth: 448 pages


Becoming is the latest book by Michelle Obama, the wife of 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. To some people she might be seen as just the wife of a former president, but she was chosen as the most admired woman in the U.S. by GALLUP poll, in 2018. This means that Michelle Obama has recently made an impression on many people in the U.S.
Becoming tells the story of Michelle Obama. She first starts the story with how she became herself, a student who strove to be smart and independent and wanted to actively have a voice against various types of discrimination. Since her childhood, she experienced racial discrimination and uncomfortable sexism while attending university and working at a law firm as there were only a few African-American women. These experiences led her to begin considering diversity and equality. 
Michelle Obama rose to prominence through her many campaign speeches in support of her husband, but she also received a lot of criticism. Once they moved into the White House, she felt that she could play a supporting role for her husband, but also dedicated herself into visiting and listening to weak and helpless people, and drew attention to their plight.
Michelle Obama says toward the end of the book that, ‘Uniformity makes more uniformity.’ I think this sentence highlights a potentially destructive path for a society. By reading this book, I hope readers can recall if they have discriminated or judged someone based on a stereotype. This book will also help readers consider how they can play more of a leading role in their own lives.

Jang Han-yi
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