The Musical Hero

2017.06.08 10:08:57

●Director: Yoon Ho-jin
●Genre: Korean creative musical
●Starring: Jung Sung-hwa, Lee Ji-hoon, Ahn Jae-yook
●Running time: 160 minutes with one 20minutes intermission

At this point of the time, when history is once again in the spotlight, ‘Hero’ is being produced. It is about ‘Ahn Jung-geun’ who is one of fighters for independence during Japanese occupation. This musical was premiered in 2009 commemorating the 100th patriotic deed of Patriot Ahn Jung-geun. It opened at New York’s Broadway theaters in 2011 and was very well-received by audiences in Harbin, China where Patriot Ahn had once done a holy mission. It has also received lots of attention regarding its sell outs on its Korean tour.

‘Hero’ begins by showing a scene about Ahn Jung-gune and his comrades who made a solemn vow in a grove of birch trees in the days of crisis during Korea’s loss of sovereignty.

The play then describes the scene when Ahn and his 11 comrades’ planned and assassinated Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi by creating virtual people, Sulhee and Lingling(a Chinese girl), for independence movement with impressive numbers, group dances, and Ahn’s 7 shots.

The musical number in the play, ‘Who is the sinner’ is full of praise as one of the best parts because it speaks for citizens of the Korean Empire and gives the people of the Republic of Korea catharsis by expressing the reason to assassinate the prime minister like Japan’s 15 misdeeds in justice.

It will return to the Keimyung Art Center from July 28 to 30 due to its popularity. Of course, everyone knows the story well, but if you experience the play with your eyes and ears, it will remain in not only your head, but also your heart.
Seo Yu-jeong
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