Earthquake Evacuation Tips

2017.02.28 17:48:09

Recently, earthquakes occur and cause damage all around the world, including Korea. An earthquake is a natural disaster that we can’t predict, so we should prepare a plan in advance. Here are the evacuation tips to survive an earthquake announced by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security.

Before an earthquake

1. Set aside items that could fall and cause injuries.
2. Identify safe places where you can stay when the shaking starts (under a sturdy piece of furniture or against an interior wall).
3. Plan how you will communicate with family members, including multiple methods by making a family emergency communication plan.

During an earthquake

1. Protect your body by crawling under a table or desk during shaking caused by an earthquake.
2. Prevent fire by turning the stove or oven off and ensure the exit is clear.
3. Escape from the building by the stairs when vibrations stop. If you are in an elevator, press the button for each floor to exit as quickly as possible. Then use the stairs to exit the building.
4. Protect your head by using your hand or a bag when exiting the building.
5. Follow the directions from TV, Radio or disaster prevention agency.

After an earthquake

1. When the shaking stops, look around. If there is a clear path to safety, leave the building and go to an open space away from damaged areas. Be aware of falling objects and debris.
2. If you have a working cell phone, use it to call or text for help.
3. Be prepared to “Drop, Cover, and Hold on” in the likely event of aftershocks.

We should be aware that earthquakes can threaten our lives and cause severe damage. Know and follow the advice above to protect your life and the lives of others.
Na Ye-bin
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