Korail Pass and Happy Rail Pass

2016.10.03 21:21:43

Foreign students in KMU occasionally plan to go on a trip by train. There are tickets for foreigners so that they can ride trains without buying a ticket. Those are the Korail Pass (KR Pass) and Happy Rail Pass (HR Pass), which can be purchased from Korail.

The KR Pass is a ticket for foreigners who have stayed in Korea for less than 6 months. With this pass, you can ride general trains (mugunghwa, saemaeul, ITX-saemaeul), sight-seeing trains (O-train, V-train, A-train, S-train, DMZ train, West-Gold train), and high-speed trains (KTX, KTX-sancheon). The HR Pass is a ticket for foreigners who have lived in Korea for more than 6 months. With this pass, you can ride every train except sight-seeing trains.

Both tickets are for standing. However, if you want to reserve a seat, go to the ticket booth, show your KR Pass or HR Pass, and the staff will get the seats for you, if there are available seats on the train.

To make a reservation for the KR Pass and HR Pass, go to www.letskorail.com and click language on the right side of the top. Then click English or the language you use. You will find the menu on the following page. Select the KR Pass or HR Pass depending on your staying period. Click reservation and type in your personal information. Then make a payment online. After the payment is completed, go to a train station’s Traveler Consultation Center and you can receive your KR/HR Pass

If you are planning a trip by train, try these passes. You can save money and time, especially if you use the KTX. The following are the prices for the passes.
The flexible pass is valid for 10 days, and you can randomly choose your travel date. Before you travel, you should activate the pass on your actual travel date at ticket booths in Korail stations.
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