Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

2016.01.03 21:46:58

●Seo HO-joon(Deputy Director in KODIT)

The Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) is a public financial institution. KODIT leads the balanced development of the national economy by extending credit guarantees to promising SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) whose credit rating is bad. I interviewed Seo Ho-joon, who is a deputy director in KODIT.

1. Please introduce yourself and the section you work in.

The Strategic Research Department, which I work in, improves departmental systems to help staff work efficiently.

2. Please tell me to how you got this job.

Before getting this job, I worked in the financial services industry, a manufacturing corporation, and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. When I applied for the position, the company was hiring students from regional universities. It had increased 40% from the previous year. I have worked in this company for 15 years.

3. What kind of person does KODIT want?
KODIT wants a person who is promising and possesses manners, loyalty, a sense of responsibility, passion, adjustability, and patience.

4. From 2015, KODIT will be NCS (National Competency Standards) to select suitable employees. Please explain KODIT’s hiring.

NCS is used to hire employees who have suitable ability. KODIT uses an employment test based on NCS and then holds an interview without collecting information like specs. This is called a blind interview. Currently, many companies are to blind interviews to get rid of prejudices about specs. Hiring changes a little every year.

5. Every job has its merits and demerits. Would you tell me about them?

One of its demerits is discrimination between graduates from regional universities and from the capital. Most companies tend to view alumni who graduated from a capital university better than those from a regional university.
Its merits are that you can work in another region and department. The workplace and department switches every 2 to 3 years. If you are transferred to another region, you don’t have to worry about a house because the company has a dormitory for single employees. Another merit is the company supports self-development. For example, they have financial aid to study for one year and you don’t have to work. It offers various training programs for personal development. Other merits are that it is a public institution, so it has a higher salary than government officials, the retirement age is 60, and it is a more stable job.

6. What do you do for self-development now?

I graduated from a regional university, so I think it is necessary to have unique and different skills. Recently, I went to Keimyung Graduate School. My doctorate in public administrations is being examined. After I acquire the doctorate, I plan to get another doctorate.

7. Do you have any advice for students who are interested in this company?

Students have to have a good grade and a TOEIC score of more than 800. KODIT thinks that students who have great grades and a TOEIC score will do good work in KODIT.
Second, students need to be focused on the changing recruitment of KODIT. Every year, KODIT posts job openings, so students should check the difference from the previous year.
Last, if you are from a regional university, don’t be afraid of this company. KODIT has to hire some students who graduated from regional universities. In addition KODIT hires interns for one year, and then they can become regular workers. Originally, the KODIT headquarters was in Seoul, but it moved to Daegu one year ago. Therefore, in the future, I think that KODIT will hire many jobseekers from Daegu. Have self-confidence and watch for a good opportunity.

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