Fahrenheit 451  


Written by: Ray Bradbury
Genre: Dystopian
Publish in October 19, 1953
256 pages


Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury in 1953 is a dystopian novel. The novel title Fahrenheit 451 describes the temperature at which a book paper catches fire and burns. The author regards this novel as one of his best works and is commonly stated that there is an important lesson people can learn regarding to the actions needed for the future.  


The main character of the novel is Guy Montag, a fireman whose job is to burn down houses where books have been discovered. In the world where he lives, literature is an illegal commodity because the government thinks literature can lead people to think and communicate more which would destroy the society’s happiness. Also, through regulations, the government thinks it can protect themselves from revolution by people. The people are only allowed to watch excessive amounts of television, listen to radio, and to do exciting activities like driving at a very fast speed as these do not lead to thinking. Montag thinks this is true happiness and that the work he is doing is a pleasure for him. One day, however, Montag meets a teenage neighbor named McClellan who questions Montag and asks if he is truly happy. Through McClellan, Montag starts to discover what is true happiness and the parts of life he has been missing because they were considered illegal


Through this novel people can think about the problems that are causedk by mass media these days. People should understand that the use of mass media can lead to brain washing and acknowledge that fake news is leading to confusion. Technology is continuously developing, and our life will also  change. People following these changes need to remember and understand the negative impact technology can also bring and be prepared to consider and deal with the changes.