Three sisters



Director: Seung-won Lee  
Genre: Drama  
Running time: 115 minutes  
Lesson : The importance of the home environment. 


This movie is story about a unique sister. Recently, there has been a lot of news about abuse such as child violence and domestic violence. In this situation, I would like to introduce a movie that teaches an important lesson about abuse. 
The film features three sisters, who grew up in a house full of alcoholism and abuse from their father’s violence. Their father was also not brought up in a good environment by a father who used violence against his wife as well as his children. At first glance, the three sisters seem normal and have no problems, but since the situation is domestic violence, they have internal wounds. The sisters all have different characteristics, and first, they always live with the word "I'm sorry" and they are reluctant to meet people and always have a dark expression. Second, acting as a choir conductor, he seems to be perfect in every way on the outside, based on his great faith in religion. The youngest is always lives drunk to soothe her anxiety and emptiness. Their first daughter burst into illness, and the second became a fanatic like a pseudo, and the third became an alcoholic. The story shows the importance of the home environment in the formation of childhood personality. This movie is definitely not a lightweight movie and should not be taken lightly. This movie is not a light movie. It's a movie that might upset you. The reason why we should focus on this movie is that there are actually many cases of child abuse and domestic violence. We need to reduce this environment and realize that family environment is important in personality building.